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14 September 2016

There are many highlights to moving away from home for the first time. However, it may not take long for you to miss home and miss those little comforts you’re so used to. We want you to feel as at home as possible so here a few tips.

All simple and effective methods to help you settle in to your new room and could possibly even prove to mum and dad how truly responsible you actually are.

1. Pillows – so many pillows, you can never have enough pillows, different shapes, different patterns. This is your opportunity to show off your personality and style through decorative and quirky pillows - and if you’re smart enough you’ll ensure they’re comfortable too.

2. Flags – Little decorations such as flags (or bunting) are simple and can be very effective.

3. Photo frames – There’s no better home comfort than photographs and something pretty and decorative to put them in. Make your space your own with some sentimental memories or even a little card, note, quote – everything/anything goes. 

4. Lights – fairy lights, twinkle lights or bedside lamps are perfect to convert any room into the perfect cosy little spot. They look especially nice around beds, mirrors, windows or desks. 

5. Blankets and throws – in all different textures, styles and patterns, they’re lovely to snuggle up to. Whether it's tucked away in your wardrobe waiting for it to get cooler or spread out on your bed as that little bit of extra decoration.

6. Laptop stand – for an easy and comfortable working environment, from the desk or in bed.

7. Drawer organizer – when you only have one bedside drawer it can quickly become a junk drawer, and also the most used and aggravating space in your room.  An easy organizer is to use compartments to keep everything together and easy to find. Tip: try a bit of colour to staple what’s what.

8. Tea coaster – students love having a drink on the go, whether it's coffee or coke, coasters can be very much in demand. 

9. Baskets – a necessity for all rooms, in all shapes, sizes and colours, baskets will always be more than useful. Whether they’re teeny tiny organizing your desk or at the side of your bed storing important bits. There also useful for washing, holding toiletries and hiding those little bits away.

10. Rugs – The perfect rug can open up a room and also adds that extra comfort under your toes in a morning.

11. Desk organizer - Coursework needn’t be a chore. Brighten up your workspace with some well-chosen accessories. Start as you mean to go on, if you’re organized from the start it’ll be easier to keep on top of your studies.

12. Map – not for directions, a world map ready to be ticked off as of when you’ve visited them and mark down your bucket list.

13. Old bottles – simple and beautifully executed if done correctly. Use empty wine bottles, spirit bottles or anything beautifully designed. A great decoration and a subtle way of showing off your taste.

14. Clock – one that’s not on your mobile. Really useful when you’re studying and removing any distractions such as your mobile phone.

15. Plants - what better decoration than something that’s alive and not just taking up space. Prove to friends and family you are capable of looking after something.

17. Hat stand – doesn’t take up much room but holds so many essentials that would normally be thrown on the floor.

18. Fruit bowl – decorative and very useful, for fruit or somewhere for you put your keys as you enter the door.

19. Whiteboard/notice board- an essential for the organized. Write down quick notes, reminders, brainstorming or a written agenda to help with your studies – or just for general decoration.

20. Storage – a simple jar can make a huge difference to all storage problems, messy bobbles and hair grips? There’s a jar for that. Loose cereal, tea or sugar? There’s also a jar for that – the possibilities are endless.

21. Air freshener – find your parents favourite smell and you’re guaranteed to feel more at home. 

22. Open space – shelves and open space are very important. For the ladies, laying out perfumes and decorative storage options make a huge impact. A jewellery tree is extremely helpful for organizing your jewellery and can look very pretty. 

23. Mirrors – a full length mirror is crucial for checking out your outfits but also make a huge different in brightening up your room. From a full length in the corner, or a small decorative one by your desk – you’ll notice the difference instantly.

24. Vase – a beautiful vase and of course the flowers that go with it, flowers are amazing for picking up any mood and bringing a room to life.

Think about a colour scheme or a design idea for your room and make sure you stick to it; it’ll make such a difference when it’s all complete.


Chapter recommends the following shops for all of the above 

Ikea  Argos  Amazon  Tiger  Wilkos  Not on the High Street


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