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5 ways to style your uni room

Moving to Uni is such an exciting time and we hope you’re settling in. Whilst we know that you’ll be busy making a load of new friends, visiting lots of new bars & restaurants (and, y'know, working towards your degree and all that) but it’s also the perfect time to get creative with your uni room, put your own stamp on it and make it into your own little haven.
Typically, uni rooms can look a little bland, but that can soon be rectified with some decorative bits to make it cosy & feel like home. Here are our 5 ways you can style your uni room.

Stylish Bedding

When you move into your room, it's a great idea to bring some homely essentials with you to brighten up the room and add your own personal touch – and stylish bedding is a great start. Bedding is probably the easiest way to introduce a splash of colour into your room. You can choose all types of bedding, bedding with different textures, colours, and patterns – you name it! Your room will instantly make it feel more like home, without having to spend much money.

Comfy Cushions 

If you feel like being extra fancy, why don’t you dress your bed with some funky cushions & a matching blanket? These additional touches not only make you look like you have your life (and room) together but they’re perfect for when it gets a little chilly in the winter months.

Light it up

The right lighting can not only lift your spirits, but it can instantly make you feel more relaxed, cosy & productive. You might be thinking, how do I get the right lighting? Well, there's one key lighting essential you need to consider bringing with you. 
If you don’t own a pair of fairy lights, it’s time for you to join the twinkle party! Draping fairy lights around your bed frame can instantly take your uni room from an average of 5 to a solid 10. They add the perfect touch for your room to feel all cosy & warm.

Bring your favourite pictures & prints 

It doesn’t matter how far away your loved ones may be, you can feel connected to them by making sure you have all your favourite piccy of them around you. If you’re having a down day and missing them a bunch, they’ll be right there beside you. You can either bring a few photo frames with you, create a photo collage or bring along a photo washing.

'Plant'astic Plants

Forgive the pun, we couldn't resist. Indoor plants don’t just look good – they’re guaranteed to make us feel good too. Studies have shown that indoor plants can boost moods, productivity & creativity, as well as reduce stress & fatigue. Sounds awesome right? So why not adopt a houseplant? If you're not too good at remembering to water your babies, you can always consider low-maintenance plants such as cacti, aloe vera and spider plants as they're super easy to look after. You can also spring a little life into your room with fake plants. If you're not ready to become a plant parent, they'll look vibrant all year round, require zero care and can often look realistic.
Now you've got all the inspo you need, it's time to get your interior designer hat on and transform your room. Don’t forget to keep your door room open from time to time, as it’s a wonderful way to meet new people and make lots of new friends, plus you’ll be able to show ­off your room and offer your interior design expertise.


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