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Tidy desk, tidy mind




25 September 2016

Going to University and moving away from home can be full of many great experiences, some great distractions and a lot of fun. But let’s not forget the reason why you’re here in the first place. We want to see you again next year so here’s our top tips to help you study and come away with a top grade.

Studying is an extremely important part to your time at university and a lot of that will be done from your room. Get the most out of that time and create an amazing environment that suits both work and play.

Firstly, keep it tidy. Easier said than done right? But as the saying goes ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ or so they say. But even an organized mess will work, as long as you know where everything is and you don’t need to waste any time looking for that pink highlighter. Keeping your desk organized has many benefits, from reducing stress and limiting distractions, to increasing productivity and efficiency – some say it can help improve your health.

Distractions are easy, make sure there’s none at hand when you’re sitting down for a study session. No matter the subject, coursework will soon pile up, start with a filing system from the offset and it will make life so much easier when you’re cramming for a test 6 months down the line. Storage can be your friend, staying organized can be easily done when you have sufficient home storage for all your books, stationery and documents.

Have a lamp at hand, an essential tool for studying. Having the right lighting at hand can make such a big difference to your working environment.

Create a clean desk policy – a tidy desk is a tidy mind. There’s no reason why you can’t implement your own policy, you just need to be disciplined. Tidy your desk after every piece of coursework, organizing your papers, notes, books and stationery before heading down to the bar. Having a tidy desk can help to reduce stress levels, and will always help you know where everything is when you need it.

Make sure its personal - this is where things can get interesting. Ensure your stationery matches the décor of your room and you’re more likely to take pride in it – you know, keep it tidier, possibly make you want to study more?

You can pick up many different collections from many different stores. Desk trays, pencil pots, folders, pencil cases, notepads, file box’s, paper clips and desk drawers can all come in sets from stores such as Wilkos, Tiger, Amazon, Argos, Ikea and any large supermarket such as Asda or Tesco.

And finally, just get organized. It really won’t take you long to realise that organization is key and the sooner you start the better. There are many different tips that work for different people and it’s about what works best for you. Starting with the home study space can be a beginning to an excellent academic year. 

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