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The Kickstart Start Up Ideas




25 August 2016

During our Kickstart London event, we had 9 groups of young student entrepreneurs from University College London, London School of Economics and Imperial College London present their ideas and get feedback. 

Find out more about how Kickstart works. Watch 9 videos of applicants talking about their unique ideas, delivering them to the panel and then answering questions and discussing their products. 

Green Record

The proposition of organisations delivering their problems to the public to solve in reward of cash or work experience. 

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Uni Study Notes

Starting a revolution of ‘study smart instead of study hard’. Watch the team pitch their idea of bringing forward an online market place for student notes. 

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Go Represent

An online platform that brings together the social media whizz’s. The team brings a new light on how brand ambassadors can work together with businesses. 

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A revolution on how you receive your wages. An idea for a mobile application which allows the user to view payslips before they're due.

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Startup Payera

Watch the team pitch a hand-less payment system, the idea of making payments through facial recognition. 

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Chef Next Door

A unique idea that enables people to buy food from strangers. Watch the team pitch their idea, receive feedback and answer questions.

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Municipal Bonds

An idea to enable people to invest money it what gets makes you passionate.

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Hermes Aerospace

A fantastic idea to regenerate drones - a hybrid drone which will be efficient and much more adapted for the 21st century. 

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A smart idea to deliver an online application for patients. The team pitches an app where patients can mange their prescriptions, receive reliable information about their medications and set reminders so they know what to take and when. 

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