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Spontaneous Halloween costume ideas




25 October 2016

There’s nothing worse than arriving to a party with no costume, so if you’ve not got your outfit sorted yet - don’t worry, there’s still time to assemble the perfect one. 

Top cat

Start with the basics of the classic cat. Dress in black, black ears, draw on some whiskers, a nose and your best 'meeeeeeow'.

Check out some great cat-like make-up ideas.

Sugar Skull

Or day of the dead - totally in trend for 2016. Celebrate Mexican style, experiment with make up – grab some flowers, a hat or your favourite mexican prop and you’ll be the best dressed. Check out some amazing sugar skull tutorials and inspiration on Pinterest.


Denim shorts, a yellow t-shirt, some black glasses, goofy hair and you’re the perfect minion.


About as basic as a cat, but never goes wrong. Wear your favourite black outfit, add some wings and you're ready to go. 


Simple, easily executed and so many options to choose from. You and your friend could grab some black shorts, a black T, a simple headband and there you are... you’re the dancing girls emojis straight off your iPhone. Another idea would be a yellow T-shirt, a black marker pen and create your most used emoji – what will you be?

Check out emoji ideas on Pinterest.


Dress in white, wrap your self up - pick up some fake blood and get creative, no one will ever know it’s you.


Get as childish as you want, wrap some white cotton around your pants, a bib and a dummy and you’re ready to go.


For the comedians who just love to dress up, grab some lipstick and paint the biggest smile on your face.


Sure you'll have lots of Halloween events over the next week including University events, club nights, friends invites and of course our very own special Halloween social events in the Chapter community. Don't forget to check out our events and see what's on for you and your friends. 

Share your costume ideas or just your general Halloween fun with us on Facebook.

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