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Must Have Apps for London Students




06 March 2016

We've made a list of ten must have mobile apps for students coming to study in London. These apps will change your life as you travel around the capital and will also tell you the best places to visit. 

  1. CityMapper
    Used daily by both tourists and locals, this app is quite simply amazing. It not only tells you how to get from A to B in the fastest time, but also offers all sorts of other routes, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. You’ll never struggle to get anywhere with this in your pocket.
  2. TubeMap
    Following the transport theme and as the name suggests, this app is a map of the London tube network and it’s a must for those not familiar with London’s many tube lines. Download it and impress your flat mates with your knowledge of the tube lines – or just use it to find out what line you need to get to lectures.
  3. Uber
    Whilst the transport links in London are fabulous, you may need to take the occasional taxi. The London black cabs may be iconic but they can also be expensive. Uber has a network of drivers across the capital all ready to pick you up and take you where you need to go. In some cars, you can even play your own music via Spotify.
  4. Dice
    Love music? Then Dice is for you. It has all the best music events at the best prices. With no booking fees and a simple booking system, you get face value tickets direct to your phone.
  5. Great Little Place
    This app shows you places approved by your fellow Londoners. We all know there’s nothing better than a personal recommendation so on here you’ll find shops, restaurants, cafes and more all uploaded by previous happy customers.
  6. Dojo
    Never be stuck for something great to do ever again. This location based app finds whatever you’re looking for from cool events to restaurants and even fitness classes, right across the capital. It’s super easy to use and has daily suggestions to keep you inspired.
  7. Deliveroo
    Found your favourite restaurant in London but want to stay in your PJs on the sofa this evening? No problem. Deliveroo delivers food straight to your door from some of London’s best restaurants. It’s the future of Saturday night takeaways and it’s seriously catching on.
  8. National Rail
    With a journey planner and up to date information about the rail network across the UK, this is a must for those travelling a little further afield. Whether you’re planning a day trip out of London or your journey home, this app will help you get there.
  9. Timeout
    This app will give you so much information about what’s in on London than you’ll know what to do with. That’s a good thing though, as you can never have too many options of great plays to see, places to eat or gigs to go to.
  10. YPlan
    Another “going out app,” this lists all of London’s best events, so you never miss out on anything.  Easy to book and with electronic tickets, you can get deals on everything from a trip to the cinema to one-off exhibitions at galleries and museums.
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