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Managing your Energy




18 April 2017

According to the Harvard Business Review, managing your energy is the number 1 key to success. Next week we will be hosting a 'Manage your energy workshop' at Chapter Kings Cross.

Q. What does managing your energy mean?
The concept of managing your energy, rather than your time, is not a new one. It is a very familiar concept amongst leaders, and it has become more mainstream in the last few years. It is the idea that from a productivity and health perspective we gain more from managing our energy levels than from managing our time.  

Q. How can it help me?
It can help you to better decide how to schedule your tasks and it will also allow you to prevent getting stressed unnecessarily 

Q. Doesn't it mean I have to change everything about my life?
No, of course not! It is about getting a few practical tools that you can apply throughout the day. The biggest changes happen as a result of the cumulation of very small changes!

Q. What does the workshop cover?
In the workshop we will find out what our  energy is made up of, and why managing it is important, we will learn what drains or uplifts your energy, and finally we will put together an action plan to better sustain your energy for success

Q. How can I apply what I will learn to my life?
You will leave the workshop with some clear actions to take and i will pair you up with another participant so you can keep each other accountable and support each other beyond the workshop. 

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