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Halls of Residence vs. Private Renting - Which is right for me?




19 February 2019

Student holding up new door keys

Trying to decide between student halls of residence or private renting? Confused about what the benefits are between these different types of student accommodation? Don't worry, you're not alone. The majority of new students in London are currently trying to figure out the same thing, so we've created a handy guide to help you with your decision.

 Student Halls of Residence

There are two main types of student halls of residence in London: university owned halls, or private halls like Chapter.

Why choose student halls?

· You won’t need to worry about managing extra bills, as these will be included in the rent.

· Meeting like-minded people is super easy when you’re surrounded by other students.

· Student halls tend to be located close to major universities, so you won’t have to worry about travelling too far to get to your university - Check out the nearest Chapter location for your uni here.

· Living in halls is extra safe as security is high – codes or keycards are usually required to enter the building.

Things to consider

· If you're living in a shared space, you'll likely be sharing with a range of new people and personality types.

· A building full of students can sometimes get noisy compared to a private house.

· Halls will have some rules to manage your safety and security, so you’ll need to take these into consideration during your stay.

2 Students come out of Aldgate East Tube Station Student uses keycard to access Chapter London property 2 students talk over lunch in their shared flat

Private Renting

There are three main types of private renting options in London: sharing accommodation with a group of friends, finding a room in a shared house, or renting a place of your own.

Why choose to rent privately?

· In most cases you’ll get to choose who you live with, so you already know you’re going to get along well.

· You can invite friends over whenever you like, without having to follow any rules and procedures.

· You can find properties within a wide variety of budgets and locations.

Things to consider

· If you're sharing with other people, it’s likely you won’t have your own private bathroom.

· Bills are not usually included in the rent, so this is something you might have to manage separately.

· It can be costly and time consuming to find a property that suits all your needs. 


If you decide that private halls are the best option for you, we'd love to welcome you to Chapter in 2019.
Chat to our team here if you need any advice about the most convenient Chapter location, or want to talk about the most suitable type of room for your needs - We're more than happy to find you the perfect fit.

Or if you need some more advice about living in London for the first time, check out our guide on finding your way around the city here.

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