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Checklist: What to bring to uni in London




24 August 2020

So you've smashed your A-Level results (congrats!) and now you're coming to London to study. It's now time to figure out exactly what you need to bring with you to your new accommodation.

All Chapter rooms have tonnes of storage, so make sure to bring your everyday items... but you don’t want to clutter up your new home with items that will collect dust. Remember, you can always get family or friends to post more of your belongings if needs be. London is renowned for being one of the top shopping cities in the world, so you can kit your room out, whatever your taste and budget.

If you're coming to London from overseas, you might need to self-isolate for 14-days upon arrival. This means it will be far easier for you to arrange your room essentials prior to arriving in the UK. You can either bring everything with you from home, or purchase items directly from our Chapter Service App to be waiting in your room ahead of your move-in.

We're offering support to everyone who needs to self-isolate at Chapter, including food and parcel deliveries, waste collection, laundry credit and our Online Resident Experience Platform. Let us know if you're self-isolating HERE

All Chapter residents will also find a Welcome Box in their room upon arrival, containing some essentials for your first night's stay.


If you've ever heard the expression ‘all four seasons in one day’, you'll know what to expect from London's weather. From beautiful summer's days in mid-October, to torrential downpours in July - you’ll need to cover all bases. Here's some essentials for life in London:

👚 WARM WINTER JACKET – London can get a bit frosty in the winter

👚 COMFORT CLOTHING – for those home study sessions

👚 SHOES – cover all bases from gym shoes & casual trainers to smart shoes or heels

👚 SMART CLOTHES – if you plan on applying for any jobs or internships

👚 ACCESSORIES – for nights out on the town or Chapter parties



bedroom essentials

These will be a bit bulky, so it’s probably worth either buying these when you arrive in London if you’re coming from overseas, or pre-ordering from the CHAPTER SERVICE APP to be placed in your room ahead of your move-in.

There’s a number of shops you can get these items from – ArgosIKEA or Marks and Spencer are all solid choices. You will need:

🛏️ BEDDING - duvet with cover, pillows with cases & bed sheet

🛏️ FOR CLOTHES - coat hangers, shoe rack & laundry basket

🛏️ ADDITIONS - alarm or wall clock, sleep mask, desk fan & throw




If you’ve booked a studio, you’ll need to pick up all the things you cook and eat with. If you’re moving into a shared apartment, twin studio, or en suite room, it's worth holding off to see if your new flatmates want to purchase together, or each provide different bits to share.

Again, there are loads of stores in London where you can get kitchen items (on or offline), or if you want it ready for your move in, you can pre-order from our CHAPTER SERVICE APP and save yourself the effort during check in week. We recommend picking up:

🍴 CUTLERY - knives, forks & spoons

🍴 CROCKERY - plates, bowls, glassware & mugs

🍴 POTS & PANS - frying pan, saucepans & lids

🍴 UTENSILS - chopping board, sharp knife, scissors, wooden spoon, vegetable peeler, bottle opener, spatula, grater, sieve, measuring jug & tin opener

🍴 TUPPERWARE - for storage in the fridge, cupboards & taking lunch to uni with you


Even if you're sharing a bathroom, it's definitely worth getting your own kit of essentials as it's less likely you'll want to share these kinds of items compared to your kitchenware. 

There will be a lot of nearby stores where you can get inexpensive bathroom bits (on or offline) or again, if you want it ready for your move in, you can pre-order from our CHAPTER SERVICE APP Here's what to grab:

🛁 TOWELS - bath towel, hand towel & face cloth

🛁 ELECTRICALS - hair dryer & hair straighteners

🛁 COMFORTS - bath mat & dressing gown



Electrical items

You can’t get through university without your laptop, how else will you be able to procrastinate over unfinished essays and binge-watch Netflix with your new flatmates? Here's a few more essential electricals you'll want to remember:

🔌 GADGETS - mobile phone, laptop with case, printer & portable speaker

🔌 ESSENTIALS - USB memory stick, power extension lead & headphones

🔌 BACKUPS - device chargers, batteries, adaptor & printer ink




Remember, it’s your room. As long as you’re not causing any lasting damage, feel free to personalise it as you feel - it's the perfect opportunity to turn your room into a home.

🖼️ PHOTOS  family, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends & pets

🖼️ ORNAMENTS – frames, trinkets & fairy lights will brighten up the place. Remember, no candles or incense burners!

🖼️ PLANTS - real or fake, it depends how responsible you're feeling

🖼️ CALENDAR - always handy to have for making plans with friends or uni deadlines




Due to limited luggage allowance, here is a list of items we'd recommend purchasing on arrival:

🛒 WASHING DETERGENT – all Chapter locations have washers and dryers, but you’ll need detergent

🛒 TOILETRIES – toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, facewash, shower gel & toilet paper

🛒 KITCHEN SUPPLIES - tin foil, cling film, sponges, dish cloths, bin bags & washing up liquid

🛒 GROOMING & BEAUTY PRODUCTS – razors, shaving cream, wax, tweezers, nail clippers, cotton buds, lotions, colognes & perfumes

🛒 MEDICINE – plasters, pain killers, cold medicine & multivitamins

🛒 STATIONARY – notepads, biros, folders, post-its & highlighters

Got everything? This list should get you off to a fine start in your new home. Forgetting something is going to inevitable, but never fear... the staff at the buildings are always happy to recommend the best local spots or online stores to pick up any bits you need.

In the mean time, make sure you join our 2020/21 residents groups to meet your new neighbours:



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