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An Introduction to Mindfulness




03 March 2017

Last semester Chapter teamed up with Gaelle Tuffigo from The Expand Approach to run a series of Mindfulness workshops throughout the year for residents and guests.

Mindfulness is the 21st century answer to managing stress. It is a therapeutic mind training technique that focuses awareness on the present moment, preventing distractions whilst calmly allowing us to be more assertive in everyday life.

We caught up with Gaelle to ask her a few questions…

Q  How did you get into Mindfulness?
I started practicing mindfulness 10 years ago, after a friend of mine recommended it, saying it helped him become calmer and happier. I was quite sceptical to be honest, I had imagined it to be some sort of weird spiritual practice! But after 6 months of nagging, he finally convinced me to join him for a meditation class, and that was it!

Q  Who is mindfulness for?
Mindfulness is for everyone! I used to work in advertising and be the work-hard play-hard type. It really is just an exercise technique for your mind, so in the same way that you exercise your body and want to keep it fit, you can exercise your mind to keep alert and clear. 

Q  But isn’t it just for people who are into Yoga?
Well I wasn't into Yoga when I started practicing mindfulness! I was an advertising exec into partying! So, no, it really is for everyone. 

Q  What are the origins of Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is 2,500 years old and originally comes from Buddhism. However it was brought to the West in the 70's by non-Buddhists, and you certainly don't have to be a Buddhist to practice it. 

Q  How can it help me?
There are many scientific studies showing the benefits of mindfulness: reduced stress, increased concentration and productivity, increased creativity, better sleep and so on. See more here

Q  How can mindfulness benefit students?
It can help you be more focused and therefore efficient when writing essays and preparing for exams, giving you more free time to enjoy. It will help you sleep better, leaving you feeling more rested, and in a better mood the next day. Finally, because your mind will get clearer, you will achieve better results too!

Next Introduction to Mindfulness workshop: Monday 13th March visit the event page to reserve a space.

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