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5 hacks for spring cleaning your student room




29 May 2020

Are you making the most of lockdown by getting into cleaning mode? Everyone seems to be getting their spring clean on in isolation to declutter their rooms or simply as a way of passing the time.

Check out 5 unusual spring cleaning hacks that you might not have thought of yourself:


1) Use shower gel instead of soap

A regular bar of soap contains fats and oils which makes it harder to clean the foam off the shower tiles afterwards, whereas the foam from shower gels doesn’t accumulate so easily in between the tiles and therefore leaves less to clean off.

This hack will mean you’ll have only half the work to do when you’re cleaning the shower.

Or if you’re feeling really motivated, take a cloth into the shower with you and give the tiles a daily scrub as you’re showering to avoid any build up.


2) Cover your fridge shelves in CLING FILM

There's nothing worse than something leaking in your fridge and having to pull everything out so you can get right in there and clean out the entire fridge.

Sure we might not be able to avoid spillages, but wrapping your fridge shelves in cling film will do the world of wonders.

So next time something spills, it will be much easier pull out and wipe down than trying to clean the whole shelf inside the fridge. You could also try patterned place mats if you'd like to add a fancy touch to your fridges appearance!


3) Use a lint roller for more than clothes

If you can use a lint roller to get fluff and dust off your clothes, who says you can’t use it to clean other items in your room?

Have a go on your cushions, lampshades, bedding, rugs and throws and see what a difference it makes… basically anything fabric based. Plus lint rolling is pretty fun, you’ve got to admit!

Or if you can't get your hands on a lint roller, try a paint roller with some sellotape wrapped around it (the best kind of hacks are homemade anyway!)


4) Dust your blinds with a sock

Yes we know this looks and sounds like an odd one... but do you struggle to reach all the dust between your blinds with a feather duster or cloth?

Put a spare sock over your hand (sock puppet style) and use your thumb and fingers like a mitten to get between each layer and clean both sides of the blind. It really will make a difference.

Warning - you might be a little grossed out the first time you do it based on all the dust you previously missed... but we promise the satisfaction makes it worth it.

Add a little washing up liquid or cleaning spray to really make them shine!


5) USE aN EMPTY toilet roll to get into tight spaces

Even the smallest vacuum cleaner nozzle can turn out to be too big for some of the tight spaces in your student room, which can be super annoying when you figure that out half way through your cleaning marathon.

However, this problem can easily be solved with the inside of a toilet roll… put the cardboard tube around the end of the nozzle and squeeze the end in so it’s small enough to fit in the gap and voila!

All cleaned out now with nothing left to do? Check out our blog on 10 things to try in the comfort of your home for inspiration on how to occupy yourself in isolation.

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