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10 things to try in the comfort of your own home




17 April 2020

Lockdown doesn’t have to be boring... You can make it productive, creative and fun simply by keeping yourself occupied. So, if you’ve pretty much completed Netflix and another day scrolling through memes in bed seems too much to bear, you could probably do with a few new ideas on things to do in isolation.

Here are our top 10 ideas on things to try in the comfort of your own home:


1. Recreate your favourite restaurant meal

Missing your favourite restaurant right about now? Don't worry, if Deliveroo can't bring it to you, why not have a go at making your favourite dish yourself?

Check out TASTE OF HOME's list of restaurant meals that are super easy to recreate at home. They'll be sure to last you through the rest of lockdown.


2. Learn a language

Remember all those times between modules when you said you'd learn French, Spanish or Italian but just never got around to it? Now’s your chance. 

These three languages are all available to learn on the online Chapter Resident Experience platform via handy videos and on demand courses.

Or if you really want to challenge yourself, why not try your hand at sign language? It’s the perfect skill to add to your CV and also available on the platform.


3. Make a scrapbook

All those iPhone and Facebook photo albums you've no doubt created since coming to study in London, why not turn them into an scrapbook? 

Highlight your best moments, get creative with your cutting and use snazzy accessories to make it pop. It will be the perfect memoir to look back on when this is all over, and you can leave room to continue adding memories.

Head over to PAPERCHASE for a great range of scrapbooks and accessories to help you get started.


4. Re-visit your childhood

Enjoy some nostalgia during lockdown by investing in a jigsaw puzzle. Sure they might have seemed super simple as a kid, but the satisfaction of getting the puzzle edges all lined up then popping in the final piece seems so much better as an adult in isolation. Or if you're feel like being a little more creative, try an adult colouring book - another perfect calming activity to relax your mind.

Check out JIGSAW PUZZLES DIRECT for a huge range of adult jigsaws - our favourite is Harry Potter!


5. Take a virtual tour

Fancy exploring an iconic landmark from the comfort of your home? From the British Museum and Museum of Natural History, to the Louvre and Vatican Museum.

Head over to our Online Resident Experience platform for virtual tours & live video experiences from some of the world's most interesting places. Another thing to tick off your virtual bucket list!


6. Write a song or poem

Channel your inner Taylor Swift and use this experience to get inspired.

Whether it's a haiku about Netflix binging, a rap about Facetiming with your friends, or a ballad about your daily exercise - turn this lockdown on it's head and get rhyming! 

Check out this SONG LYRICS GENERATOR to help you nail your verses.

And don't worry if you don't play an instrument - there are plenty of instrumental playlists on SPOTIFY for you to work around.


7. Get crafty

When was the last time you made something completely from scratch? Now's the perfect opportunity to learn a new craft!

Why not try sewing? It's a nice simple one to start with and you can really build on your skills to make some impressive pieces from scratch. This BEGINNER'S GUIDE is a great place to get started!

Or if you're already great a sewing, try making a dream catcher to catch all those strange isolation dreams we're all having, or have a go at origami (it's harder than you think!).


8. Create an artistic masterpiece

Since we're learning new skills, why not have a go a creating a masterpiece? Whether that's through painting, drawing or model making, the great thing about art is it's subjective and open to interpretation. You don't need to be amazing with a paintbrush or know your different pencil weights, just have fun with it and express yourself.

Comedian Noel Fielding has started an ART CLUB filled with all sorts of creations submitted by amateur artists from across the world - some great inspiration for getting creative in isolation


9. Read a book of a different genre

We're all guilty of favouring a certain genre when it comes to books - if that's what you like then that's what you're always going to be drawn to. But now that we have a lot more time on our hands, why not try something a little different?

If you normally go for crime, try a fantasy book, or if you prefer fiction, pick up an autobiography - changing it up will make the days feel a little different and help break up your time in isolation.

Take a look at AMAZON'S TOP RATED BOOKS for some inspiration.


10. Join a virtual event

Staying home is the new going out right? Luckily all the gyms, clubs and event companies know that too and have moved a lot of their events online.

Whether you're looking to find your inner zen in a yoga class, take part in a virtual pub quiz with your friends, or listen to music from that festival you were supposed to be going to, the opportunities seem endless!

Check out Chapter's ONLINE RESIDENT EXPERIENCE platform offering live workouts, creative classes and stress-relief sessions. We're here to help you keep active, give you the opportunity to try new things and be your best self, all in the comfort of your own home.

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