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Chapter Halloween 2016

Published: 02 Nov 16

Here at Chapter we love to see our residents socialising and having fun. Over the past week Chapter has held some great events over all 7 sites - which have been a great success. From scary movie marathons, pumpkin carving, professional make-up artists, murder mysteries and some gruesomely great parties.

Here’s a few photos of what’s gone down over the past week:

Some great make up from our 2016 halloweeners at Portobello from the make-up artists.

Smiles down at South Bank Sky Lounge with their Halloween Party 2016.

Halloweeners getting their make-up done at Portobello. 

Pumpkin carving preparations for Chapter residents.

More photos can be found on Facebook and Pinterest.

We love to see you having fun, send us your photos via Facebook.

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