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Published: 30 Apr 18

We all know that days at University can drag sometimes. You spend the whole morning waiting for that break between classes to catch your breath and grab some lunch, and then it's straight back into your afternoon lectures.

Rather than just hitting the canteen and staring at your phone for an hour, we’ve come up with a few things to do in your lunch break to break up your day.

Write a letter

We're sure there's been plenty of texts and emails sent back and forth with parents, friends and family since you’ve left home, but when was the last time you sent a hand-written letter? Take the time to personalise a letter to someone. It could be for a family member you talk to every day, a friend you haven’t spoken to ages, or even someone you never intend to send it to (a secret crush?). If you’re feeling really inspired, write a letter to yourself to hide away and open in 5 years time.

 Learn a language

No doubt many of you will be doing some travelling soon - why not study a new language whilst you’re still learning? Use an app for a more interactive learning experience, or an audio guide for learning on the go. Make it enjoyable and set yourself bitesize targets, like learning one new phrase a day – very achievable in your lunch break. Don’t forget to practice on all your international friends at Chapter London!

Ride a bike

Think about all the places you’d love to spend your lunch break which are just a bit too far to walk to and from during your lunch. Santander Cycles have hundreds of docking stations all over London where you can hire a bike from as little as £2. Just unlock your bike at your nearest docking station and the world's your oyster. Whether it’s a food joint you’re dying to try, a friend’s house or just a cute viewpoint you always wanted to visit, just remember to return your bike to an empty docking point close by when you’re done.

Visit a museum or gallery

Studying in London means you're surrounded by museums and galleries that tourists from around the globe flock to. Chances are you're within proximity of one, so why not pay a visit on your lunch? Plus, a large amount are free to enter, so it makes for the perfect lunchtime venture. Some of London’s top free museums include:

• Natural History Museum
• National Gallery
• Science Museum
• Tate Modern
• Imperial War Museum

Take a Yoga class

Yoga is the perfect activity to relax your body, mind and soul and can be done practically anywhere. University can be stressful and a wind down in between classes could be a godsend for your physical and mental state. Come and join one of our own yoga classes, or even do some discreet poses at your desk if you’re strapped for time - you’d be surprised how your mood can change after a couple of stretches. Keep an eye out for classes at various Chapter properties on the events tab.

See some local wildlife

Even in the middle of a city like London, you’ll find whole eco-systems of animals, birds and insects that you might not be aware of. With world famous parks dotted around the capital, there’s plenty of opportunity to see some of London’s local wildlife. Spot the Queen’s swans at Hyde Park or herds of deer in Richmond Park (not an animal you expected to see in London I’ll bet!).

Take a photograph

I’m sure you’ve taken plenty of photos whilst you’ve been in London and they’ve been sent home and posted all over your Instagram. Why not create a list of iconic London landmarks and scenes to get a picture of during your lunch breaks? Tick them off every day or every week - you decide -  and make them challenging to increase the satisfaction when you get that perfect shot.

We’ll start it off for you - Grab a photo with a classic London phonebox:

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