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Chapter Like A Native | Chapter London

Published: 21 Aug 18

With a large percentage of our residents being international, we’re well aware of the importance placed on learning and practicing the English language. With that in mind, when we met Anna from English Like A Native, we couldn’t wait to invite her along to one of our communities to film one of her digital English lessons.

Anna was keen to visit Chapter Lewisham to get a feel for life as a student living at Chapter, and we were more than happy to give her a tour.

Take a look at her video below as she covers off 100 academic words on her tour of the property - it’s both a great entertaining and educational watch.


Anna was pleasantly surprised with the location of Chapter Lewisham, and she described the area as ‘diverse, creative and energetic, with great transport links’. We couldn’t agree more!

After staying in student living with a 60-minute commute to university every day, Anna praises the locations of the Chapter properties, where residents don’t have to experience the dreaded hour-long commute from the outskirts of London. This is great to hear from Anna, as it’s important to us at Chapter that our residents can all be accommodated close to their universities across zones 1 and 2.

Our favourite quote from Anna was that ‘Chapter isn’t just a place to live, but a whole lifestyle that will help you adapt to London living and adopt a whole community of friends through the many Chapter organised events’. We think that sums Chapter up pretty nicely!

English Like A Native covers a whole range of topics around English and life in the UK. From British slang and pronunciation, to the Royal family and British national holidays, Anna’s got you covered; so if you’re looking to further your English vocabulary, take look at her YouTube channel here.

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