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Accessible Rooms

At Chapter, we pride ourselves on offering a comfortable stay to everyone, and are happy to offer accessible rooms at all of our properties.

Accessible rooms have all the features of a standard room, with a couple of alterations to make them more suitable for residents with accessibility needs.

These additional features include:

  • Lowered kitchen surfaces and sinks
  • 'Wet Room' style bathrooms, large enough to accommodate wheelchairs with step-free shower access
  • Ergonomic grab rails in the bathroom to assist mobility
  • Emergency pull cords

Please note, these rooms are available for anyone to be booked - they are not specifically set aside for anyone.


These rooms have a wetroom style shower, with an emergency pull chord.

Gold Studio Upper Level: C608A
Platinum Studio Lower Level: A004A, A003A, A005A, A006A
Diamond Studio Mid Level: C221A, C321A, C419A
Diamond Studio Upper Level: C514A, C617A

Highbury II

Gold Studio Lower Level: 1.02, 1.03, 1.04, 2.02, 2.03, 2.04, 3.02, 3.03, 3.04
Gold Studio Mid Level:
 4.02, 4.03, 4.04, 5.02, 5.03, 5.04, 6.02, 6.03, 6.04, 7.02, 7.03


Silver Ensuite Plus Mid Level: B67A
Platinum Ensuite Plus Lower Level: B41A
Platinum Ensuite Plus Mid Level: B54A
Gold Studio Lower Level: A05A, B05A, B18A, B19A, B31A, B32A
Gold Studio Mid Level: B44A, B45A, B57A, B58A, B70A, B71A

Kings Cross

These rooms are all between the Ground Floor and Floor 3, and are larger in size with lower work surfaces, lower cupboards, and large spaces under the kitchen sinks for wheelchair access. Accessible rooms come with a larger bathroom, with either a 'wet-room' style shower with curtain (rather than a shower unit with door), or a bathtub. The numbers in bold indicate a room with a bathtub.

Platinum Studio Plus Lower Level: G.05, M.16, M.17, 1.46, 1.47, 2.45, 2.46
Platinum Studio Plus Mid Level: 3.45, 3.46
Diamond Studio Plus Lower Level: G.01, G.02, G.03, G.04, 1.52, 1.53, 2.40, 2.51, 2.52, 2.81, 2.85, 2.86, 2.89, 2.93
Diamond Studio Plus Mid Level: 3.40, 3.51, 3.52, 3.81, 3.85, 3.86, 3.89, 3.93


These rooms are larger in size with a pull chord next to the bed, a burn preventative cover for the radiator (which can be removed), a lower kitchen counter top, a larger bathroom area including a corner shower with a curtain and chair, grab handles in the shower and toilet, and a pull down clothes rail and kitchen cupboard rack. All Gold and Silver studios have accessible bathrooms.

Silver Studio Upper Level: 9.11, 9.29
Silver Studio Penthouse: 10.11, 10.29, 11.11, 11.29
Gold Studio Upper Level: 9.18, 9.36
Gold Studio Penthouse: 10.18, 10.36, 11.18, 11.36

Old Street

These rooms are larger in size, with lowered surfaces and a larger bathroom area with grab handles in the shower and toilet.

Platinum Studio Lower: W19, W36, E116, E138, E168
Platinum Studio Mid: W59, W82


Platinum Studio Mid Level: 3.29
Platinum Studio Upper Level: 5.21, 6.18


These rooms have wider doors for both the main entrance and bathroom, a lowered spyhole, grab handles and emergency pullcord in the bathroom and bedroom, and lowered facilities in the kitchenette and bathroom. It also includes a wetroom style shower.

Gold Studio Lower Level: 4.15, 4.16, 4.17, 4.18
Gold Studio Plus Lower Level: 1.15, 1.16, 1.18, 1.19, 2.15, 2.16, 2.18, 2.19, 3.15, 3.16, 3.18, 3.19
Gold Studio XL Lower Level: 4.14, 4.19
Gold Studio XL Plus Lower Level: 1.14, 1.20, 1.29, 2.14, 2.20, 2.26, 3.14, 3.20
Diamond Studio Plus Lower Level: 1.04, 2.04, 3.04, 4.04

White City

Platinum Studio Lower Level: 1.11
Platinum Studio Premium Mide Level: 2.11, 3.11, 4.11

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