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Chapter Kings Cross

Exterior Improvements 2021/ 22

We wanted to give you an update on the refurbishment works which are being carried out on the exterior of Chapter Kings Cross to replace the insulation, to further improve the fire safety qualities and environmental sustainability of the building. For your awareness, the core drilling works are due to start on Wednesday 26th January and will potentially last up to five days.  
In order to minimise noise disruption, we’ll ensure that the drilling will not take place before 9am, or after 4pm, or at any point during the weekend. It is envisaged that only a small number of holes will be drilled during each day, so the noisy works will just be at intermittent durations. 
The drilling will be carried out on the walls to the Ramp side of the Killick Street Podium (North Elevation), There may be a very minimal amount of vibration / reverberation transferred through the wall / floor slabs. This will be monitored closely as the works progress throughout the day. 
As per our initial email (sent out to you on 28th October 2021), we want to remain true to all of our Residents & Clients and keep you informed as much as we possibly can of any minimal disruption throughout the refurbishment process.  
Furthermore, we will do our very best to take the necessary actions to mitigate as much of the potential noise & disturbance from this work. Our construction team are mindful of this and will continue to operate in this manner 
Whilst we expect the majority of our amenities to remain open during these works, some facilities, such as the communal area and courtyard will continue to be closed, this unfortunately includes the BBQ Area. 
We would also like to make you aware that one lift will be taken offline in the south tower to allow access for the construction team up to the 16th Floor without any interface with our Residents for safety reasons. 
We want to again reassure you that Chapter Kings Cross is fully safety compliant to occupy, this is backed up by extensive assessments carried out by an external global fire safety expert and our own retained fire safety expert.  
These assessments are completely in line with the London Fire Brigade’s guidelines for reviewing and evaluating fire safety in tall buildings in London. 
For your awareness, we also wanted to reiterate that Chapter Kings Cross has a comprehensive fire management system in place which includes: 
The best fire and smoke detection systems installed in all rooms and tested weekly 
These are connected to a centralised fire panel device, which enables the immediate pinpointing of any activation 
Heat or smoke detection equipment fitted in every bedroom, living and communal area, basement and utility rooms 
All kitchens and studios contain either an automatic fire suppression system or a fire blanket 
Professional management teams onsite 24/7 
Thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope you are enjoying your time at Chapter Kings Cross, but if you have any questions you can contact us at kingscross@chapter-living.com or call 020 3675 9200. 
Best regards 
Chapter Kings Cross 

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